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Archeologic Monuments


Salavat settlement

This ancient settlement area is located 15 km South-West of Khinaliq, at the border between Quba disctrict and Qabala district, in the Salavat mountain pass. The remains of residential buildings of the Salavat settlement are still visible today. However, the population size of the settlement is unknown. There is a graveyard near the settlement.


Salavat caravansearai

The Salavat caravanserai is situated close to the Salavat settlement area. It was supposedly built by the Khinaliq community in the XVII century in order to provide overnight accomodation for the travelers between Khinaliq and Qabala. The journey from Khinaliq to Qabala, as well as in the opposite direction, took about 2 days. Thus, the caravanserai played a very important role until the last century. There is no motor road to this place.


Ancient settlement “Bark-shana”

This ancient settlement is located 2 km South of Khinaliq. It is situated on two hills. In the years 2012 – 2013, the scholar Idris Aliyev (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science) carried out explorations in that area, which revealed pottery and remnants of walls from the first millenium BC.


Xilla settlement

The Xilla settlement is located 300 m West of the centre of Khinaliq. We have got reliable information that there must have been an ancient settlement there. Nowadays, residential houses and administrative buildings have been built on exactly this area. During the building works, the walls of the ancient buildings were discovered. Also the great amount of graveyards on the “Ber-buta” hill located vis-a-vis confirms the existence of an ancient settlement. Archeologic research should be carried out in this area.


Centra Hill settlement

This ancient settlement is located 5 km north of Khinaliq. It was on the top of the hill, as this was a strategic point for safety. Remains of the ancient buildings are visible there. Two ancient food pitchers were found theire by chance. Archeologic research should be carried out in this area.


Kima liqebirish (lit. “soft spirits”) settlement

This ancient settlement is located 3 km south-east of Khinaliq. There used to be a small fort, remnants of the buildings are still visible. When Qudyal river changed its bed in 1963, a part of this fort wash washed open, and graveyards were discovered. Until then, nobody had known about the unique kind of graves there. Archeologic research should be carried out in this area.


Zangar settlement

During the explorations carried out in 2010 by the scholar Idris Aliyev (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science) on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a burial mound was discovered 10 km east of Khinaliq village (1,960 m above sea level), which dates back to the Bronze Age. In August 2011, the burial mound, which had a diameter of 16 m and a height of 3.5 m, was excavated. As a result, the sceleton of a woman together with silver snail-shaped ornaments and remnants of clay pots were found.

While the investigations were carried out at the burial mound, another archeologically interesting monument was found 500 m west of that area, which contains a great amount remnants of lustrous clay pottery: the ancient Zangar settlement. Also this place dates back to the early Bronze Age. The excavation of this settlement area revealed a lot of valuable artefacts which helped to shed light upon the past, the traditions, the economic engagement – in short, on the whole culture of Azerbaijan. In that same place, a great number of different types of beads, horn-shaped pendants, amulets, stone arrowheads, needles and other adornments were found. These items are now stored in the museum fund of the “Khinaliq” State History-Architecture and Ethnography Preserve.