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The sacred place “Qırx Abdal baba”


“Qırx Abdul baba” is a cave with a length of 100 m, an inner width of 5 m, its height ranges from 3 m to more than 5 m. Clear water drops from the ceiling all along the cave. The Khinaliq people call this holy place “Kirk per” (i.e. “dripping sacred place”). It is considered a holy place of belief, where people go to pray. It is located in the north-east of Khinaliq village, at a distance of 1 km.




The Atəşgah (lit. “temple of fire”) is located 5 km north of Khinaliq, south of the Heydar Aliyev Summit. It is a burning natural gas outlet. In earlier times, before Islam, the Khinaliq people were fire-worshippers, and the ateshgah was their a holy place. Until nowadays, some behavioral rules have remaind, which remind of the former sacredness of this place.

The Atəşgah is a very interesting place for ecotourizm; however, being situated in the prohibited border area with Russia, tourists may only pass with a special permission. Please contact the “Khinaliq” State Archeoloy-Architecture and Ethnography Preserve in advance to learn about the current rules for obtaining this permission.


Rock Staircase stone inscriptions


This monument is located 3 km west of Khinaliq. On the left side of this narrow mountain pass, there are the torrents of Qudiyal river, whereas on the right side, there is a steep, tall rock. In order to climb up the high mountain pass, a staircase was built into the rock. After the staricase, there is a small square on top of the rock. On the right side, at a height of 3 m, a Quran verse is carved into the stone in Arabic alphabet. These stone inscription symbolize the prayes for the traveller, who walks through the steep mountain passes, for that he may reach his home safe and sound.

The whole area of the Rock Staircase stone inscriptions is an ideal place for ecotourizm.